ECG Solar is a comprehensive, end-to-end solar solutions provider. Our innovative approach to residential and commercial solar is based on collaboration between all stakeholders to reduce energy costs for our customers, enabling them to achieve their long-term business objectives.

Why Solar Roof

Solar Roof brings your roof to life with beautiful tiles that can power your home for decades using clean energy. Created for maximum durability, Tesla Solar Roof is designed to integrate directly into your home. It can help pay for itself over time with the energy you produce.

Energy Independence

Every Solar Roof system comes with Powerwall, a small home battery that can store energy produced from the sun and make it available anytime. You can use this clean energy at night when the sun isn’t out to keep your house running. Powerwall also automatically notices when the grid goes down so that you can keep your lights on and your phones charged even if the power goes out.

Beautiful Design

Tesla Solar Roof is made to maximize your roof’s energy production without changing the look of your home. Solar Roof is made of a combination of glass solar tiles, glass roofing tiles, and architectural grade steel tiles. Each tile looks almost the same in terms of color and trim. Solar Roof is designed to enhance the aesthetics of your home and looks incredible from any angle.

Built to Last

Solar Roof is a premium roof with the added benefit of solar production. Solar Roof tiles are made to last in all kinds of weather, so your home will be safe even when the weather is terrible.

A Roof That Helps Pay for Itself

Tesla Solar Roof is the only roof on the market that can help pay for itself over time. Take control of your monthly electric bill by using the energy your solar system makes to power your home.

Exceptional Performance

Since Solar Roof takes up less space than traditional solar panels, Tesla may be able to add more solar to your roof, working around vents, skylights, or other obstacles. This helps your roof make as much solar energy as possible. You can control your system from anywhere in the world with mobile monitoring that works 24/7. Use the Tesla app to control all of your Tesla products and change the way your system works to suit your needs.


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With the overwhelming number of choices with going solar or any other energy efficiency product, it’s hard to know what to choose!

We ensure that all our products are top rated with 20-to-30-year warranties for all our equipment.

All Solar panels look remarkable the same, and we do not compromise our integrity or use inferior equipment to offer the “Cheap” option; with us working with some of the Top solar panel manufacturers in the industry, we strive for perfection.